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    Search and Feed

    Products and Services for Users

    We aspire to provide the best experience to our users. To enrich user experience, we provide a broad range of products and services accessible through mobile devices, PCs and other smart devices. We offer search and other services on the Baidu platform that connect users to relevant information online, including web pages, news, images, documents, multimedia files, and services, through links provided on our website, apps and skills store, as well as native-app like experiences via our smart mini program.

    Baidu App

    Our flagship app enables users to access our search, feed and other services through mobile devices. Baidu App offers twin-engine search-plus-feed functions that leverage our AI-powered algorithms and deep user insight to offer users a compelling experience. It features improved feed display, short videos, smart mini programs, enhanced voice input, text to speech and augmented reality search to better serve users of mobile devices. In December 2018, average DAUs of Baidu App reached 161 million, increasing 24% over the same period of 2017.

    Baidu Search

    Users can also access our search and other services through Baidu’s other properties and Baidu Union partners. In addition to text inputs, our users can conduct AI-powered voice search, visual search and augmented reality search. Voice search integrates speech recognition and search technologies to enhance the user experience by providing a more natural and convenient input modality to text input. Visual search enables the use of smart phone cameras to capture images and retrieve related content on the web. AR search allows one’s imagination to come alive. For example, popular museums in China create augmented reality clips for historical artifacts to allow museum attendees experience “going back in time” to see the artifacts in historical settings, and Baidu’s AR search allows users to discover and watch these AR clips while touring the museums. We also endeavor to improve the search experience, through other AI-powered products such as Top 1, to satisfy user queries with the first displayed search result, which we believe will be an important capability with the adoption of smart devices with smaller screens. For example, a smart device with Baidu Smart Answer technologies can take a photo of a plant or a pet to identify the species and retrieve related information in a digital card.

    Baidu Feed

    Baidu Feed is a product within Baidu App that provides users with personalized timeline based on their demographics and interests. Baidu Feed complements our core search product, leverages Baidu AI recommendation algorithms and monetization platform, and contributes to user engagement and retention.


    Haokan is a short video app, offering a wide variety of user generated and professionally produced content often in coordination with multiple platform networks. Haokan allows users to upload, view, search, rate, share, favorite, comment, and follow. Video content creators and curators can distribute their content to build a fan base and receive revenue share for their content contribution.


    Quanmin is a flash video app for users to create and share short videos, usually less than one minute long with the following orientation: musical, dance, comedy, acting and lip-sync, and live videos. Users can shoot or upload flash videos and edit them with built-in special effects, filters and stickers. Contents are distributed in personalized timeline powered by Baidu AI recommendation algorithms.

    Baidu Post Bar

    Baidu Knows is a question-and-answer community where questions are asked, answered, and organized by our users. The answers posted on Baidu Knows are generated by our users, professionals, enterprises and governmental agencies. Baidu Knows also leverages Baidu's search capabilities to help users find answers to their questions on the web.

    Baidu Knows

    Baidu Knows provides users with a query-based searchable community to share knowledge and experiences. Through Baidu Knows, registered users can both post specific questions for other users to respond to, and post responses to questions posted by others. Baidu Knows is accessible through both desktop and mobile applications. Users of our Baidu.com website can also search, read and browse questions and answers by registered users of Baidu Knows. Additionally, Baidu Knows has also invited institutional and personal experts in many fields such as medical care, maternal and child health, education, finance and law to post and address users’ questions.

    Baidu Encyclopedia

    Baidu Encyclopedia is an online encyclopedia, compiled by experts in specialized fields. It features high-quality columns, such as Encyclopedia of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Digital Museum and Recorder of History, as well as a complete video-based knowledge source.

    Baidu Maps

    Baidu Maps provides locations, intelligent routing and navigation. Baidu Maps aggregates available travel options, displaying route timing and estimated costs. Baidu Maps also offers voice assistant functionality, supporting voice activation, multi-round conversation, and complex commands.

    Baidu Input Method Editor, or Baidu IME

    Baidu IME is a Chinese-language mobile keyboard, which utilizes Baidu AI to improve input accuracy, remembers corrections and offers a custom dictionary of new or uncommon words. Baidu IME supports advanced functions such as extended voice input, smart punctuation recommendation, voice message translation, voice modification and contextual speech detection. Users can create personalized emojis with Baidu IME's augmented virtual reality function.

    Overseas Products

    We offer a series of products and services in overseas markets, including popIn (ad recommendation platform), Simeji (most popular mobile keyboard in Japan) and Facemoji (Simeji's international edition).

    Products and Services for Customers

    Online Marketing Services

    We deliver online marketing services to a diverse customer base. Consisting of SMEs, large domestic businesses and multinational companies, our customer base is diversified in terms of industries and geographical locations. The defined industries in which our customers operate include retail, personal care, medical and healthcare, franchising, financial services, education, online game services, auto/logistics, real estate and home furnishing, and business services. Customers in our top five industries contributed slightly over half of our total online marketing revenues in 2018. Although our customers are located throughout China, we have a more active and larger customer base in the coastal regions, reflecting the current general economic demographics in China.

    Online marketing services include P4P (pay for performance) services and non-P4P services. Typically, a P4P customer pays us when users click on one of its website links on Baidu search result pages or Baidu Union partners' properties, while a non-P4P customer pays us based on the duration of the placement on Baidu search result pages.

    P4P. Our auction-based P4P services allow customers to bid for priority placement of paid sponsored links and reach users who search for information related to their products or services. Customers may choose to purchase search-based, feed-based and other online marketing services and have the option to set daily allowances target users by geography in China and specify the time period for their campaign.

    Search-based marketing services are mainly provided to customers through our proprietary online marketing system Phoenix Nest which drives monetization efficiency by improving relevance in paid search and optimizing value for our customers. We have made continuous improvements to Phoenix Nest ad monetization on our platform, including the initiatives below:
  • Dynamic Ads: Delivers highly personalized search-based and feed-based online marketing by incorporating customers' product catalogs and user insights through Baidu AI. Dynamic Ads has been adopted by our online marketing customers in ecommerce/retail, travel, auto and real estate sectors.
  • oCPX: Enables customers to bid for online marketing services based on pre-defined results, including optimized cost per click, impression and view. oCPX provides marketing customers with more options to optimize lead generation.
  • Action ads: Comes in a wide range of ad formats, including click-to-call, click-to-chat, click-to-download, and click-to-buy, to help marketing customers achieve better conversion.
  • Moonrise: Employs reinforcement learning to improve customers' online marketing with recommendation of better keywords, photos or videos from Baidu's huge content library, to increase conversion and overall marketing effectiveness.Feed-based marketing services usually comprise image-based or video-based online marketing services, appearing between the feed headlines, or within the feed content. It is powered by Baidu AI to better match online marketing customers with their targeted audience, while optimizing user experience.
  • Our twin-engine search plus feed online marketing services enable the delivery of comprehensive, diversified and rich marketing offerings to fulfill customer needs.

    Non-P4P. Our non-P4P services provide display-based marketing services and other online marketing services based on performance criteria other than cost per click, or CPC. Customers can choose different mix of our service offerings to optimize their ROI.

    BrandZone allows customers to display integrated text, logo, image and video in a structured and uniform manner on a prominent position of the search result page or in vertical search products, such as Baidu Knows.

    Programmatic marketing platform supports the placement of advertisement using standard, intelligent or customized creativity, different purchasing methods (guaranteed delivery or real time bidding), and multiple payment methods. Baidu Union partners may use our content recommendation system to provide feed content and ads to their users.

    Partners of Search and Feed

    We attract numerous business partners, which helped create opportunities for us to cooperate with these business partners in research and development and business operations and establish long term business relationship.

    Baidu Union partners.Partners of Search and Feed Baidu Union consists of a large number of third-party websites and mobile apps. We match our customers' promotional links to the properties of Baidu Union partners. Some Baidu Union partners also embed our products and services onto their properties. We allow Baidu Union partners to provide high-quality, relevant search results to their users without incurring the cost of development and maintenance for advanced search capabilities and monetize their traffic through revenue sharing arrangements with us.

    Baijiahao, or BJH Our network of 1.9 million content provider accounts, aggregates news articles, photos, short videos, live videos and augmented reality clips from multiple channel networks (MCNs), media outlets, and other professional sources for our feed product.

    Other Partners. We enable a massive pool of content providers to contribute a broad range of content and resources on our platform, and to provide a rich, valuable content ecosystem to our users. Our content providers consist of MCNs, media outlets, curators, professional content publishers, video and other content copyright holders, app and smart mini program developers, and brands and businesses that offer various online contents on our platform.

    New AI Businesses Our new AI businesses comprise new business initiatives, including DuerOS (voice assistant and related smart device business), Apollo (autonomous driving platform), and Baidu Cloud. These businesses are powered by Baidu AI, based on Baidu Brain, our customer insights and other big data, and leading AI capabilities.

    DuerOS is a cross-platform voice assistant with an installed base of over 200 million and monthly voice queries reaching 1.6 billion in December 2018. With a network of over 300 partners, DuerOS is installed on smart devices (in homes and hotels), smart phones, children watches and story machines. We released four DuerOS-powered Xiaodu branded smart devices in 2018, including Xiaodu smart speaker and Xiaodu smart display, the first smart speaker in China with a display. Equipped with over 1,000 skills in genres such as education, cooking, gaming and entertainment, the DuerOS skills store has been released for test trials.


    Duer, unveiled at Baidu World in September 2015, is an intelligent personal virtual assistant that is voice-activated and connects users with services. Duer provides users with natural two-way conversations and services, such as ordering takeout delivery, booking a dog grooming appointment, buying movie tickets etc. Duer leverages our search, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

    Baidu Cloud

    Duer, unveiled at Baidu World in September 2015, is an intelligent personal virtual assistant that is voice-activated and connects users with services. Duer provides users with natural two-way conversations and services, such as ordering takeout delivery, booking a dog grooming appointment, buying movie tickets etc. Duer leverages our search, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.